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The GTC: conservationsts or animal abusers?

The Game Conservancy Trust has the legal status of a UK charity. The Trust seeks to promote the hunting, shooting and killing of living creatures for fun.

The Game Conservancy Trust employs a payroll of 50 'scientists'. The Trust combines 'research of game ecology and farmland wildlife' with a truly grotesque taste for Orwellian doublespeak. Thus hunted animals are 'harvested' [i.e. killed] using 'practical management techniques which will benefit game and wildlife' [i.e. kill them]. The benefits of being shot at and terrorised for human amusement are obscure, not least to the victim.

What unites serial killers from Albert ('The Boston Strangler') DeSalvo and David ('Son of Sam') Berkowitz to Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer is their early love of tormenting and killing non-human animals. Fortunately, most animal abusers don't go on to become serial killers. Nor do they typically end up practising pseudoscience in the manner of the Game Conservancy Trust. But the coarsening and brutalising effects of killing for pleasure are all too apparent.

Using their 'scientific' results, Game Conservancy Ltd advises farmers, landowners and other ill-named conservationists on different ways to kill animals for human amusement. Indeed bloodsports enthusiasts continue to massacre as many of our fellow creatures as they think they can get away with before finally hunting becomes a criminal offense.

With a cynicism that almost beggars belief, the slaughter of other sentient beings for fun is described by the Game Conservancy Trust as 'conservation'. (sic)

Do 'sportsmen' have no shame?

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